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Road Graders Challenge

The Penn Manor Lineman participates in the annual Roadgrader's Challenge, hosted by Manheim Central. This event is designed for your offensive (including TE) and defensive lineman. The challenge consists of several team and individual events that focus on speed, agility, strength, balance and coordination. Each event is timed, recorded, and given a point value. Team awards are given to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams as well as individual awards for the Bench and Deadlift contests.

Over the past years this event has grown from 8 schools to over 14 schools and from 15 teams to over 30 five man teams. In each year of the event the competitive spirit has been exciting.

Over the past years the proceeds have been given to needy families or organizations within the community.

2017 Results
On Saturday June 9th, the lineman participated and placed 5th. Participants this year included: Chris Keller, Keaton Eachus, Gage Hilton, Joel Stoner, Paisun Harris, Aaron Yoder, Ryan Mahone, adam Becker, and Jacob Hollinger.

2016 Results:
This year the team also placed 5th. Highlights of this years events included 11 participants:: J. Eshleman, K. Groff, D. Mahoney, M. Yoder, B. Wright, J. Santiago, S. Shirk, P. Harris, A. Becker, R. Mahoney, and J. Stoner.

The Gold team placed 2nd in the Bench Press, 3rd in the Hex lift and 5th in the Tug of War. The Navy team placed first in the Obstical Course, and 7th in the Hex Lift. Getting better every year will prove to be success both on and off the field.

2015 Results:
The team placed 5th in their first year of competion.

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