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Weight Training

Player Development and Training Outline:

The Penn Manor Football program has historically participated in a weight training program. The current program has been developed following the guidelines of the National Strength & Conditioning Association and BFS (Bigger Faster Stronger) program. In addition the program uses the principals, foundations, biomechanics, and physiology promoted by Dr. George L. Panzak.

The program will be year round and continuously challenge each athlete towards accountability, hard work, and effort to improve physically and mentally.

Prep Phase: December - January Building a foundation focusing on technique

Phase 1 February - March Strength phase/Moderate to heavy loads

Phase 2 April - May Conversion of power and agility

Phase 3 June - July Power, Speed and Endurance

Phase 4 August (In-season) Maintenance - Maintain strength

Phase 5 December - January Recovery and Return to building foundation

Football Speed and Agility Training Specifics:

Phase 1 Ground Based Running Mechanics
Phase 2 Acceleration
Phase 3 Progressive change of speed
Phase 4 Sudden change of speed
Phase 5 Balance and coordination

All athletes are expected to attend the weight room 3 or 4 days a week whenever possible during November to early June. Once summer begins the program is designed for attendance 3 days a week. Players are required to sign in to report and confirm their attendance. Champions begin in the weight room. For athletes not involved in a winter or spring sport their attendance in the weight room is required. Exercises are also included to reduce concussions.

The Iron Comet: Beginning in May and continuing till the first week of August players must attend a total of 30 times. (Point totals may vary based on the school calendar and will be announced each May) A max of 3 points may be earned each week. The weight room will be open 70+ times during that period. Athletes earning 30 points will receive an Iron Comet T-shirt.

1000 Pound Club: Athletes can earn membership to the 800, 900, and 1000 pound club. This is a combination of three lifts: bench, squat, and power clean. Totals are assessed the first week of August during the Max Week.

1000 Pound Club

2016-Joe Santiago,LO/DL, Sr, Total Core Lifts=1000

900 Pound Club

2016-Klye Groff, OL/DL, Sr, Total Core Lifts=965
2016-Ben Wright, OL/LB, Jr, Total Core Lifts=910
2016-Cole Heckaman, RB/TE/LB, Jr, Total Core Lifts=900

2016 800 Pound Club

2016-Danta Jones, OL/DL, Sr, Total Core Lifts=875
2016-Daniel Mahoney, OL/DL, Sr, Total Core Lifts=860
2016-Shane Shirk, OL/DL, Sr, Total Core Lifts=850
2016-Adam Presnellj, OL/DL, Jr, Total Core Lifts=820
2016-Vinny Vozzella, RB/LB, Jr, Total Core Lifts=820
2016-Casey McCollum, OL/DL, Jr, Total Core Lifts=815
2016-Cavan Zechman, WR/DB, Sr, Total Core LIfts=810
2016-Paisun Harris,OL/DL, Jr, Total Core Lifts=800

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