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Post Season: Athletes are required to attend all off season events possible. Players who participate in additional sports must keep the coach informed as their lack of attendance will be understood. However, the coaching staff will attempt to make modifications to the schedule to support dual athletes if possible. Other athletes need to make every attempt to schedule family, social, and work events around the football calendar. Family vacations and special events are understandable, just please keep the coach informed in advance for the purpose of team planning.

Pre Season: In May the preseason activities begin, and all athletes are expected to attend. Every effort is made to inform players and parents in advance to the calendar events so that family events, social events, work schedules, and vacations can be scheduled accordingly. A player missing practice, work outs for reasons other than a family vacation, sport conflict, illness or very special family reason is not a reason to miss practice. Each athlete will earn attendance points and those not earning the appropriate amount of points will have extra work assigned once practice begins in August.

In Season:

PIAA physical form must be completed prior to the start of football camp. Penn Manor School Distric offers a date in June and a date in July for students at the cost of $20. Alert the coach immediately if there is any delay in obtaining the appropriate phsyical.

As of August 6th, all pracitces are mandatory. Vacations, college visits, work scheduled, etc. must be scheduled prior to 8/6 or around practice. At the high school level, the PIAA requires coaches to count practices. Players must participate in a particular number of heat acclimation practices prior to use of football pads, and then a particular number of practices prior to the first scimmage. Players who miss practices will miss the beginning of season. This can influence the success of the entire team when players are missing. Please schedule carefully and alert the coaching staff immediately of any conflicts.

Through out the season, attendance will be taken. Those athletes with absences will be assigned extra conditioning and may forfeit their starting position, playing time, ability to dress for a game, and or their varsity letter.

School Attendance: School attendance is also very important. Athletes are expected to be on time for school Monday through Friday. Tardy's causes problems in class, and can result in detentions. If tardy's add up please inform the coach in advance.

Detentions: Detentions interfere with practice. If an athlete feels he is in danger of receiving a detention he must speak to the coach in advance so that arrangements can be made in reference to the practice.

Homework: There may be times when an athlete would traditionally stay after school to make up missed school work, or receive extra assistance. This may be very important and very necessary but it also interferes with practice planning and can affect other members of the team. Any student finding themselves in this situation must inform the coach as soon as possible so that appropriate changes can be made prior to practice.

Illness or Injury: If an athlete is not in school for illness or injury or leaves school, please inform the coach immediately. Practice schedules are designed around players and positions. It is important for the coach to be told of any problems to both offer assistance to the athlete and plan for a replacement player at practice and or games. In some cases, an athlete with an illness may be able to watch practice instead of participating. In many situations players who cannot participate in practice may still continue to attend and expected to attend to hear instructions and announcements, and continue team commitment.

Transportation: There are times when an athlete may have the availability to attend all events but may not have transportation. If this is the situation please contact the coach and efforts will be made to assist the athlete in coordinating with other parents and or players.

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