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Code of Conduct

Each athlete is required to review and sign the Penn Manor Code of Conduct prior to the beginning of each season. The Code of Conduct summarizes the requirements for behavior, attendance, eligibility, and general information. Each statement must be signed by the athlete and parent.

The Code of Conduct form is available on the Penn Manor High School Website. Refer to the Athletic Department Page, Athletic Administration page, and refer to the documents at the bottom of the page.


In addition, the football coaching staff will insist in each member of the team to remember their behavior both on and off the field is very important. Each player is asked to respect their attitude, and behavior as it represents the entire team. In addition, it is important for all players to learn how to properly treat others outside of the team and respect all teachers, parents, and peers.

The Athlete Department can be contacted if needed: Mr. Jeff Roth, Athletic Director; CAA & LL League Track & Field Sports Chair; Penn Manor High School; Athletic Department; P.O. Box 1001; Millersville, Pa. 17551-0301; Phone: (717) 872-9520 Ext. 1367; Fax: (717) 871-9016; Email: Jeff.Roth@pennmanor.net
Mrs. Cindy Bachman, Athletic Secretary; Phone: (717)872-9520 Ext. 1867; Email: Cindy.Bachman@pennmanor.net

Also available on the Penn Manor Athlete Department Website is the Measure of Success report.

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