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Safety in Football

Reducing concussions is a key concept and goal of Penn Manor Football. There are several actions that can be taken by both the athlete and the coaching staff to address the goal of reducing concussions.

Weight Room Attendance: First attending weight training, and full participation in practices aids the athlete in proper conditioning, and understanding proper tackling.

Helmets: A proper fitting helmet is important so taking another players helmet is not permitted. Each helmet will be marked with the player's number. A helmet representative will visit the team the first week of practice to ensure the helmets are fitting properly. The school also sends all helmets out after the season ends to be reconditioned and certified. Athletes may not use a helmet from a previous season unless it has been reconditioned and certified.

In addition, Penn Manor High School has a dozen special helmets with electronic inserts that message the number and severity of hits a player takes. This information is sent to the trainer who can then exam the athlete.

Mouth Pieces: A proper fitting mouth piece may also aid in the reduction of concussions. The school provides the basic mouth pieces that the athlete can mold at home. If the mold is damaged, the equipment manager may provide additional mouth pieces. However, from my experience as a coach of many years I have found that a proper fitting mouth piece molded by a dentist provides better protection. Consult with your parents to inquire with your family dentist. Another option is considering a stronger mouth pieces sold in retail athletic stores.

Safety Tools used in Football

Penn Manor Football uses the Rae Crowther Varsity Tackling Ring - Royal (The Originators of the Wide Rings)

A coach or player rolls the ring and the player tackles the ring in motion. The concept comes from the rugby world. Work the new "Hawk" tackling concepts. Hit and roll. Improve tackling technique with speed, agility, and head position. Intended for many ages. The Varsity Ring is intended for players 5′ and taller. Can be used with or without pads. The rolling ring provides realistic tackling which allows the coach to diagnose the player's technique. Use multiple rings in practice to keep the repetitions and players moving and improving their skill. The Tackling Ring is made from foam and vinyl. This ring is more player realistic, simulating the hip and thigh area, tougher to tackle, more stable for fast and slow drills, and provides more player protection when landing on the ring (bottom arm is more protected).

The Riddel Revolution Speed Helmet is used with InSite Technology. Penn Manor has 12 helmets that can be assigned to athletes. See the link shows more about the helmet and the technology used.


Rugby Tackle Techniques by the Seattle Seahawks

With this method, players are taught to keep their heads and eyes up and lead into contact with the front of the shoulder. The theory is that keeping the head upright takes it out of the play, thus preventing injuries to the head and neck, including concussions.

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