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Helmets: Helmets will be distributed in May for passing work outs. Jersey numbers must be selected in May so that numbers can be placed on the helmets. Players are expected to care for the helmet and ensure it is not lost or stolen. Players will also be provided with a mouth piece at this time. Reminder: athletes are not to take another players helmet, and should consider the different options for mouth pieces as stated in the "Safety" tab.

Shoulder Pads: Shoulder pads and a practice jersey will be handed out in May or June. However, the PIAA does change this requirement at times. Due to this reason, hand out dates are subject to change.

Additional Uniform and Equipment: The equipment manager for the team will select dates in July, typically the last Thursday and Friday of July, to hand out additional uniforms and equipment. Players will receive 3 pair of game pants, 2 jerseys, practice pants, practice jersey, helmet, shoulder pads, legs pads, belt, gym bag, and additional pads as needed. Throughout the season athletes may see the equipment manager if they are having any problems with the uniform or equipment. All equipment must be returned or the athlete will be charged a replacement fee.

Extra Equipment: Sometimes as a player you see NFL or college players wearing additional pads, sleeves, etc... Some of these items may be valuable and some of these items are just for show. If you have any questions please ask your coach. The one additional item I would recommend for lineman is knee braces. Tinted face shields are not permitted by PIAA. Each year there may be additional items that PIAA do not accept. Always ask the coach first before buying extra items.

Laundry: Laundry is available for players. Uniforms are collected after the varsity and junior varsity game. The uniforms are then redistributed on Thursday. Players may also select to take their uniform home to be washed. However, the laundry service also reconditions the jersey's by mending tears.
Players are encouraged to take their equipment pads home routinely to be washed. The inside of the helmets should be cleaned, shoulder pads etc... Every attempt to keep equipment clean should be considered for good hygiene and good health.

Players must shower after every game and practice, whether at the school or at home to prevent the spread of illness.

Locker Room: The condition of the locker room is of an old age. There may not be enough lockers in working condition for each player to have their own. Players will be given a lock to lock up any valuables. Players are asked to do their best to respect the condition of the locker room so that every player has the space they need. The locker room is for the football team only and at no time should anyone else use the locker room.

Lockers: The large blue lockers will be assigned according to the coaching staff criteria that revolves around but is not limited to: passing grades, weight room attendance, and returning letter winners. When the new field house is built, every player will have a large locker, but at this time the larger lockers are limited.


The Penn Manor School District provides the team with equipment, and uniforms. They are the property of the school and every athlete is expected to treat these items with respect. All uniforms and equipment supplied to the athlete must be returned or they will be invoiced for the item. The team equipment manager will hand out and collect all equipment. If at any time the equipment is lost, stolen, or broken it must be reported to the team equipment manager.

There are additional items and supplies that an athlete will need. Please see the list below.

  • Shoes: Athletes will need to purchase their own football cleats. Players may buy their own or use the team on lines sales for player discounts. Players should wear black or black and white cleats only.
  • Socks: The team will order matching socks. Each player will need to purchase at least two pair, but can order additional pair if desired. Each player needs one pair of blue and one pair of white, available through the on line team sales.
  • Summer Shirts: All team members will need a summer shirt to use for camps, passing work outs ect... These are free for those who sell the designated BBQ tickets, and $20 for other students.
  • Additional Items: Additional items will be selected and provided for purchase on the team sales website.

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