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Injury Protocol

Procedure: Every effort is made to reduce injuries but football is a physical sport and some injuries do occur. The school provides an excellent trainer who is available Monday through Friday. Many basic injuries can be addressed by the trainer and assist the athlete in returning to activity as soon as possible. A team doctor is also available on the side lines at all Friday night football games and Monday JV games.

If you (the athlete) suffers an injury it is important that you report the incident and can be treated immediately. For example if an injury occurs on Friday do not wait until Monday to report. Injuries and concerns from a game need reported to the trainer & coach immediately after the event so that if additional care can be arranged.

Medical Care: As a player seeking medical attention you may seek a first and or second opinion. Consider doctors who specialize in sport injuries. It also recommended that athletes follow the doctor's instructions and begin physical therapy as soon as possible when recommended. In addition there is a local practice who specializes in Active Release Therapy who ranges in treating professional athletes to non athletes. This practice is Seigenthaler Active Release Therapy, 2323 Oregon Pike, Lancaster 569-8905; lancasterartchiro.com. The doctors available are Dr. Paul Pettay and Dr. Jim Seigenthaler.

Concussions: Each athlete will be tested prior to the football season beginning, so that the trainer has a baseline evaluation. In the event of a diagnosis of a concussion, the player will sit out of football for a minimum of 1 week and most likely two weeks, and follow the protocol set up by the trainer in order to return. Please see the "Safety in Football" for additdional information concerning the steps that can be taken by the player and the steps taken by the coaching staff to reduce concussions. These steps can include but are not limited to:

  • Participate in weight training and conditioning
  • Properly fit helmet or use of special concussion helmet (the school has 12)
  • Proper tackeling
  • Properly fit mount piece

Injury Procedure of Notification: All athlete's are to follow the injury notification steps to ensure proper care and attention.

  • Report your injury to the coaching staff, and then report to the trainer
  • Receive care from trainer
  • In the event the trainer is not available, return and notify the coach immediately, so that alternative care can be arranged.
  • The trainer or the coach will notify the parent in the event of serious injury
  • The trainer will keep the coaching staff informed of players reporting injuries, care needed, and when they can return to play
Players injured are still expected to attend practice with the team, to provide ongoing leadership, socialize and cooperate with the team.

To Contact the Trainer:
Athletic Training Staff; Mr. Steve Kramer;
Head Athletic Trainer;
Email: Stephen.Kramer@pennmanor.net;
Phone: 717.872.9520 x 1225

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