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Captain Selection

The team and coaches will vote on varsity captains at the beginning of the season. Three captains are selected. In addition a weekly game captain is selected by the coaches. The JV team also has selected captains, but the selection is made weekly based on the number of players participating in each game.

The role of the captains will be to provide leadership, encouragement, and support to the coaches. Captains are expected to meet the following conditions:

  • Be the hardest worker at practice today!
  • Be a spark of energy and enthusiasm today!
  • Model Mental toughness today!
  • Connect with a teammate today!
  • Compliment a teammate today!
  • Challenge a teammate today!
  • Support a teammate today!
  • Constructively confront negativity, pessimism and laziness today!
  • Build and bond your team today!
  • Check in with your coach today!
  • Remind your team how today's work leads to tomorrow's dreams!
  • Represent yourself and the team with class and pride today!
The captains Code of Conduct:
  • I will follow the Code of Conduct 24 hours a day throughout the year.
  • I will treat younger players as I would like to be treated. There will be no hazing, and nothing immoral, unsafe, or illegal.
  • I will attend all practices, and be first on the field. My absences will be approved in advance and only absolutely necessary
  • I will be on time for school daily.
  • I realize that good conduct in school is important. I will treat teachers and administrators with the same respect that I give my coaches. I understand that detentions are not acceptable
  • If I have academic problems, I will see seek extra held during the school day, before school, or after practice if necessary
  • I will treat my schoolmates with respect. If I want them to support me on Friday night, then I must support them during the week
  • When I speak to media, I will not boast or trash talk. I will be confident, but humble at all times while I praise our opponent
  • I will treat my parents with respect at all times
  • I will not discuss weekly game plans or other pertinent information with social media, friends, or my parents.
  • I will treat officials, game managers, and opposing coaches with respect at all times. I am aware that unsportsmanlike conduct in a game is detrimental to our football program's image of fair play.
  • I will behave like a young adult at all times. The community and the world are watching me

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