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2017 Penn Manor Comets


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Mission Statement

To be a Championship Football Program that is recognized statewide for its competitiveness and the development of self-disciplined student athletes who are noted for having a strong work ethic in all facets of life. The foundation instilled through the Football Program will assist the athletes in becoming leaders while pursuing their life's goals.

Vision Statement

The vision of the Penn Manor Football Program is for players, coaches and parents to align under one standard and work towards one goal of developing young men to be the best they can be academically, socially and athletically. We will be a confident championship program that builds a proud tradition. Success will be driven through high expectations by building individuals to think and act as responsible student athletes. Our emphasis will be on building leaders for life in an environment that promotes hard work, integrity and a passion for success.

Guiding Principles

• The student athletes are the reason for Penn Manor Football and are the key to the program's success.
• Student athletes who come through the Penn Manor Football Program will learn the value of being a positive role model and inherit life-long leadership characteristics.
• Each player will be valued as an individual and respected for their time and commitment to the program.
• Coaches of the Penn Manor Football Program will be role models to the student-athlete and challenge them to grow as a player, a student, and as a contributor to society.
• Parents and community supporters of the student-athlete will be encouraged to take an active role by helping our players achieve the mission and goals of the Penn Manor Football Program.

Leadership Style-Coach Brubaker

• I lead by example and am committed to excellence.
• I have a passion to help others become top performers and take pride in developing athletes who can play football at the next level.
• I have an unbiased style of leadership where everyone committed to the team has value and significance.
• I have a natural demeanor that is favorable to leadership.
• I believe in building a person up rather than tearing them down.
• I am encouraging and complementary when appropriate, but can be tough and demanding when I need to be.
• I am driven to achieve results and remain focused on goals.
• I feel that personal growth for the student-athlete in the areas of self-discipline, accountability, and team work are of high value.
• I believe in the students getting the credit for their achievements not the coach.
• I place value in listening to my players, parents, coaches and community.

I have a plan to MAKE IT HAPPEN.

I coach with passion.


• Maintain a highly competitive program.
• Maintain and build upon a proven system.
• To create a culture that builds upon our traditions which have been developed throughout our proud football history.
• Teach the fundamentals of football.
• Advance the vision of the program.
• Make football rewarding and fun for all student-athletes.
• Instill integrity and personal accountability.
• Demand excellence in the classroom.
• Embrace Innovation - inspire innovation and embrace change
• Encourage Community Service - Enhance the lives of those in our town and school district by involvement in service projects. "Pay it forward."
• Cultivate respect for each individual and recognize each person's contribution to the team.
• Be firm, fair and consistent with players.

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