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Chas Alecxih
Carolina Panthers-1 year
Earned Superbowl Ring
San Diego Chargers-1 year
Miami Dolphins 1 year
Currently a Volunteer Coach for the Penn Manor Comets

Cody Booth
Washington Redskins-1 year
Currently Assisting Coaching for Temple University

Class of 2018

Casey McCollum, 2018
Lafayette College

Ben Wright, 2018
Franklin and Marshall College

Cole Heckaman, 2018
Franklin and Marshall College

Evann Jones, 2018
Lebanon Valley

Paisun Harris, 2018
Lebanon Valley

Josiah Edwards, 2018
Stevens College

Michael Brown, 2018
Stevens College

Class of 2017

Grant Gale, 2017
Franklin and Marshall College

Class of 2016

Andrew Brown, 2016
Albright College

Carter Kinser , 2016
Millersville University

Class of 2015

Noah Braun, 2015
Shippensburg University (Football)

Tanner Erisman, 2015
Franklin & Marshall (Football)

Eric Hill, 2015
Lackawanna College

Matt Keller, 2015
Syracuse University (Football)

Ashton Leschke, 2015
Stevenson University (Football)

Gerrin McKinnie, 2015
McDaniel College (Football)

Tyler Spangler, 2015
Millersville University (Football)

Class of 2014

Charles Bell, 2014
University of Delaware (Football)

Brett Caggiano, 2014
Johns Hopkins University (Football)

Logan Kinser, 2014
Millersville University (Football)

Mitchell Sweigart, 2014
Princeton University (Football)

Class of 2013

Adam Sahd, 2013
University of Richmond (Football)

Dennis Torbert, 2013
Mansfield University (Sprint Football)

Class of 2011

Joe Bucek, 2011
Mansfield University (Sprint Football)


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